How To Calculate Gpa And Cgpa In Nigerian Universities

Open not your mouth widely when you discover that a student in her third year in a tertiary institution does not know how to calculate CGPA (Cumulative grade point average).

It is however important for students especially freshers to know how to calculate their GPA upon release of each semester's result and to also sum up the cumulative average at the end of each session.

Performance in various courses in tertiary institutions in Nigeria is classified into letter grades ranging from A to F which stands for the range of scores attainable by a student.

Study the table below to see the particular grade points and remarks assigned to each score range

Bearing in mind that all courses have their fixed number of credit units (CU). By multiplying a particular course's credit unit by the grade point of your score, you get the Quality Point (QU) for the course.

For instance: Assuming MTH101 is a 5units course and you have a B grade in the course which amounts to a grade point of 4 ( Refer to the table above to check the grade points for each grade). Your quality point in that course is 5 x 4 = 20 i.e Quality point = Grade Point x Credit Unit.

Total Quality Point ( QP ): This is obtained by adding all the quality points of the courses you offered for that semester.

Total Credit Unit ( CU ): This is obtained by adding all the credit units of the courses you offered for that semester.

Grade Point Average ( GPA ): This is obtained by dividing the total quality point by the total credit unit for that semester.

e.g In a semester, you got a total of 82 quality points and 18 credit units, your GPA for that semester is 82/18 which is 4.55.

Cumulative Grade Point Average ( CGPA ): This is obtained by adding the total quality points for all semesters to date and dividing it by the total credit units for all semesters to date.


Part One 1st semester – 82 QP and 18 CU

Part One 2nd semester – 77 QP and 19 CU

Part Two 1st semester – 80 QP and 17 CU

Part Two 2nd semester – 72 QP and 16 CU

Your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at the end of part two will be the addition of all total quality units ( 82 + 77 + 80 + 72 ) divided by the addition of all total credit units ( 18 + 19 + 17 +16 ) => 311/70 = 4.44 .

Therefore your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at the end of part two is 4.44!!! You should receive a standing ovation for that though, just a couple more efforts and first-class is up for grabs for you.

Let's take a comprehensive instance as we imagine the following results for the first and second semester for a student in one of the universities in Nigeria :

First Semester

For the first semester :

QP = 84 ; CU = 18

TQP = 84 ; TCU = 18

GPA = QP/CU = GPA = 84/18 = 4.67

CGPA = TQP/TCU = 84/18 = 4.67

Second Semester

For the second semester:

QP = 75 ; CU = 19

TQP = 84 + 75 = 159 ; TCU = 18 +19 = 37

TQP =75 ; TCU = 19

CGPA = TQP/TCU = 159/37 = 4.30

Therefore, the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for the two semesters is 4.30. The process is repeated for every semester result.

NOTE: Some courses with or without credit units are not to be involved in GPA and GPA calculations. Such courses are referred to as special electives and they have no impact on your grade points, you only need to avoid a 'fail' in such courses.

That should be all on how to calculate GPA (Grade Point Average) and CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average). For addition or queries, use the comment box below.

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