8 Benefits OF NCCF To Every Christian Corper

NCCF which stands for Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship is an interdenominational fellowship that operates as a FAMILY, FELLOWSHIP, and ORGANIZATION.

It helps Christian corpers to live and relate for proper spiritual and moral growth. NCCF has a structure that if any corper can subject to will find his/her service to God & father's land fulfilling. Let me share my unforgettable experience as a Jesus corper

1. NCCF HELPED IN REGISTRATION. With d crowd of corpers that are new to d system, NCCF helped in filling all d form properly and d next place to go till u finish. This also relief some people that are not used to the stress which an average Nigerian see as normal


Many useful information about what & when to do what from until camp till u will finish ur service will be communicated mostly to u in d evening fellowship, to make ur service yr less stressful.


It's not an exaggeration that d day u go to ur PPA from camp is always a stressful day, also with great fear of where u are going. NCCF will send buses to camps from different zones to convey corpers free. Many will end up sleeping in NCCF family house because of d over-crowdedness of LG corpers lodge. D fell will also guide in registration in d LG, direction fresh corpers to their PPAs & opening their account.


For some that lived in d family house, what I'm saying will not sound strange. NCCF helped corpers to have a better relationship with their maker with d sound biblical doctrine being taught. She helped to change every evil perspective & plan for NYSC. Many see NYSC as a free place for immoralities and also to meet with new people. We have rules we call ancient in d family house that has helped millions of corpers


NCCF will help u to discover urself right from camp. U are free to join any unit develop urself in anything ur heart desire.

There are some that confess that its NCCF that help them to discover their talent in doing what they are doing. Drama, Choir, Bible teaching, Instrumentalist, Ushering, etc


Looking at d way duties & functions of executives are been done, u will think that they have been there for years, whereas its just by training & d divine guidance by d holy spirit. By d grace of God i served as Drama Director (DD) & zonal coordinator (Papa) of Yagba East zone of Kogi state.

D experience has been so wonderful. The building of our zonal Jesus corpers lodge increases my experience in construction & fund generation. State rugged, state conference, zonal rugged, also d monthly GENCO is a great experience that prepare u for future life etc.


The setting of the family house is just so wonderful. Where u have to see Papa as ur father no matter his age. It helps one to be humble and respect authorities. It prepares u for d future family u are going into.

As a Mama u will learn how to cook, take care of many people and be submissive to d order of ur husband. As Uncle u learn to be a disciplinarian, to keep record, relate with people etc.


Our core vision "rural rugged" will help u to experience d type of life other people are living. U are happy when u minister to d less privileged in the word of God, which is d great commandment to every Christian.

Also we share welfare materials, attend to there medical needs and meet other spiritual needs. U will be happy with d level of Joy d villagers feel within those few days.

These and many more are d reasons I always thank God for NCCF. Tell me do u love this family...

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